“I would have to give most of the credit to Peggy’s…”

28th May 2012

I have two children that attend Peggy’s Childcare- a 4 and a 6 year old.  My husband and I are very well pleased with the care they receive, the education/curriculum they are taught, and the structure/way the childcare is operated.

My daughter and I are always being told how smart she is, and I would have to give most of the credit to Peggy’s.  Being a working mom, it is hard to teach them everything they need to learn and know before they start public school.  Last year, after starting public school, my daughter’s teacher called asking me where she went to Pre-K because she was impressed with how much she was already taught and knows.

Three years ago, I changed my children to another Daycare provider closer to home to cut down on my commute time.  After them being there less than a year, I could see a big difference in what was being taught to them.  I felt they were falling behind and not knowing things they should know at their ages.  I called Peggy’s begging to get them re-enrolled in her school, not caring about having to drive further because I knew they would again receive the care and education they had before.

Every parent wants the best for their child.  I feel that I can say my children receive the best care and education attending Peggy’s Childcare.


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